About Us

Two guys and two sewing machines

As industrial design students, Anthony and Ben have a knack for seeing the world through the eyes of the busy college student because that’s who they are. With such busy schedules themselves, they were able to understand that fitting in a trip to the gym everyday among everything else is extremely difficult, and that carrying a gym bag as well as a backpack did not fit the lifestyle of the active student.  

With the help of their design backgrounds and sewing machines, Anthony and Ben began to design a new gym bag to simplify the gym going process. Their goal was to create a gym bag that was hands free, easily accessible, and quality. After a lot of research their "a-ha" moment came from the idea of an attachable gym bag that can connect to any backpack. Over half a dozen prototypes and many sleepless nights later, the Vamose attachable gym bag has turned into what it is today.

Together, they want to build a brand focused on making innovative products that simplify the lives of their users.