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    We are Vamose

We are Vamose

Gym going should be easy

We founded Vamose to simplify the gym going process for the busy student by providing a gym bag that matches their lifestyle. 

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Meet the Attachable Gym Bag

Hands Free, Hassle Free

Seamlessly attach the bag to any backpack and enjoy three separate compartments to store your shoes and gym clothes, thus keeping your hands free, and avoiding the hassle of carrying an extra bag.

Vamose Attachable Gym Bag on a Backpack

How does it Work?

Attaching Vamose Gym Bag to Backpack
Tightening Vamose Gym Bag Straps to Backpack
Vamose Gym Bag on Back as Standalone

Leave nothing behind

Three separate, easy to access, and clean compartments for all of your gym going gear, plus, a stowaway pocket for everything else

The Vamose Touch

See it in Action